Day Dreamer
Day Dreamer by gigglesalot.png
Vital Statistics
Team # - Team Title Team 005 - Team Alpha
Real Name Tala Blue
Nicknames DD, DD-sama (given by Chibirasu), Milady (given by Arga)
Age 17
Gender Female
Current Residence SGPA HQ

Small build, thin. Slight muscling.

General Personality[]

Day Dreamer is a sweet girl who easily bonds with anyone she meets. She will challenge people to duels when she feels her powers are challenged. She always has something nice to say and loves to encourage her friends to try new things. She often feels left behind due to her lack of memories of her life before the SGPA.

Good Traits: Sticks up for hers friends, easily approachable and easy to talk to
Bad Traits: Can be cocky and over confindent. Easily agitated.
Quirks: Loves to draw, and loves to fight people.


Finding out who she really is.


Water, losing her mind.

Memorable Quote(s)[]

  • Holy shit!
  • Welcome to the SGPA!
  • Summons spell!


Mother: Unknown
Father: Unknown
Sibling(s): Unknown
Other: Mira, Arga, Temura.


Chibirasu, Day Dreamer, and Wild One

Everyone she's met that isn't a bad guy!


Anyone who bothers or hurts her friends. The Joker and Terror.

Love Interest[]

Kaz Dremar, aka White Lantern

Past: N/A
Current: Boyfriend- Kaz Dremar

Powers & Skills[]

Mostly a long range fighter. Will fight in close range with a melee weapon when needed.

Teleportation, can conjure anything from her imagination, healing ability, and a small amount of magic.

PROS: She can travel anywhere at anytime.
CONS: She needs either a location or an image to teleport to the location. It uses up a lot of power.

Can conjure anything from her imagination
PROS: Is a very useful power. Is similar to a Green Lantern's power but has much better usage and doesn't need to recharge.
CONS: If she overuses her powers or pushes herself too hard she passes out.

Healing abilities
PROS: She can heal her companions, or give them energy.
CONS: She cannot heal herself. And it is very hard on her.

PROS: Can use Anti-verse magic when needed, and it is said to be the most powerful magic ever created. Can use multiple spell such as, Summons spell (summons a her magic beast companion), Puppet Master (allows her to move a persons body around, but she can't use any of their powers or abilities, and some small other spells like confuse and such.
CONS: Uses a lot of energy, usually used as a last resort attack.


Can create any weapon of her choice such as a sniper rifle or sword. She often uses needles to fight.

Other Equipment[]

Hero / Protagonist

Fighting Style[]

Hand to hand and long range. She is a strategist and makes good plans on the fly.


Agile and can easily escape a captor's grip. Very tricky when it comes to knowing what she'll do next.


Often talks too much and gives away her weaknesses.

Her background is unknown at this point in time.