Vital Statistics
Team # - Team Title Team 010
Real Name Koji
Age 10 Human years, 60 Dragon years
Gender Male
Current Residence Mount Justice, Rhode Island.

Oc koji cerberus hydra color by zephyros phoenix-d3a0l0p

Koji, the Cerberus Hydra.

Koji's skin is covered in thick layers of dragon scales, making him nearly impervious to most attacks. He is strong and physically fit, capable of running at great speeds and jumping and climbing up buildings.

General PersonalityEdit

Koji usually acts like a giant puppy: very friendly and affectionate to people he likes. However, when he sense danger or Shizuka is hurt or attacked, Koji immediately changes from docile to ruthless and wastes no time to take out his enemies. He is extremely loyal to Shizuka and is willing to take a hit in order to protect her.

Good Traits: brave, strong, protective, playful
Bad Traits: rash, short temper
Quirks: occasionally acts like a giant puppy


Koji hopes to keep his master safe and raise his children that have yet to hatch.


His greatest fear is failing to protect his master and family.

Memorable Quote(s)Edit

"Roar" "Growl" "Bark"


Mother: Unnamed Cerberus Hydra
Father: Unnamed Cerberus Hydra
Sibling(s): Several Cerberus Hydra siblings
Other: 8 unhatched eggs (children)


Shizuka, Hattori Clan, Masanari Black Flowers, Akira, Young Justice


Kenshin Hattori and all enemies of Shizuka

Love InterestEdit

Oc kaya orthurian hydra color by zephyros phoenix-d3cbwed

Kaya, Koji's mate.

Kaya is Koji's mate and an Orthurian Hydra. When the first two met, they fought constantly before finally falling in love. Kaya has laid eight eggs and currently tends to them at Ueno.

Past: None
Current: Kaya

Powers & SkillsEdit

Fire-ice-lightning breath, razor sharp claws, thick skin, athletic prowess

As a Cerberus Hydra, Koji is capable of breathing fire, though he has the rare ability to breath additional elements. His right head breaths fire, the middle breaths ice and the left breaths lightning. In addition, he is very fit and atheletic, as needed to follow his master on missions.



Other EquipmentEdit

Hero / Protagonist

Fighting StyleEdit

Koji is quick and cunning. He almost always attacks whoever attacks Shizuka. He takes advantage of his heavy weight and pounces on enemies while launching his Tri Attack of fire, ice and lightning.


strong, quick, durable


Due to his high protectiveness of Shizuka, this often causes him to have less concentration of his surroundings which could result in him being snuck up on. In addition, Koji cannot fly.

Koji was born at Ueno Castle and specially selected and trained for the purpose of being Shizuka's guard dog. Having grown up together, Shizuka and Koji developed a strong bond with each other to the point where Koji goes out of his way to protect her. Koji also met his mate, Kaya at Ueno, though the two did not get along when they first met. After much fighting, love eventually blossomed between the two and Kaya laid eight eggs.

Koji's creation came from William O'Connor's Dracopedia.

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