• OPEN TO ALL SGPA MEMBERS THAT HAVE AN ACTIVE CHARACTER (you updated to a new profile!).
  • Draw the original character interacting with their genderbent version. The entry must include both characters!
  • Genderbend = make a male version of your female character, a female version of your male character. If your character is androgynous (hard to tell if they are male of female), make their genderbent version OBVIOUSLY male or female.
  • 1 entry PER CHARACTER. If you have 5 characters, make a SEPARATE entry for each.
  • Image should be in color!
  • Have some kind of background or scenery in the image.
  • The artwork should be all new for the contest; please don't reuse old art for this!
  • If you must use a doll base, change ALL THE FACIAL FEATURES (eyes, eyebrow, nose, & mouth shapes!). A link to the base used should be provided in the description, of course! All original artwork is encouraged! Try your best, everyone!
  • Include your character's name, what they are (hero, villain, or NPC), and a link to the SGPA group.

  • Voting will take place after the deadline. Depending on the number of entries, we will decide on how voting proceeds.
  • Depending on the number of prizes contributed, there may also be runner-up prizes in each category! Let us know if you can contribute a prize! If you are a prize contributor, you can still enter the contest! (Only founder and co-founders can't. lol)
  • Submit entries to the GENDERBEND 2012 folder!
  • Deadline: July 15 @ 11:59pm EST!
Sgpa genderbend competition by meibatsu-d536hsq

Courtesy of Meibatsu/Solar Cat 55

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