The events in the SGPA can be divided into certain time periods.

Feel free to add in for your characters if it applies on the wiki page! Also, for your character's profiles, please include in their birth year. For example, if they are or will turn 15 in the year 2010 (that's when the show and this group "starts"), then they should be born in 1995. It makes our awesome random role-playing and drawing of relevant images 500% easier.

The BULK of SGPA adventures start between YEAR 00 (2010) and YEAR 08 (2015), where most of the team will grow up to adults. After that is the "lost years" that don't air as season 2 starts after a 5 years timeskip! I will try to figure out where the animated YJ episodes fall in place timeline-wise, but I put in the rough estimates!
This timeline will be updated as more comics get made. XD (COMICS BECOME CANON UNLESS MARKED OTHERWISE!)

For reference, let's say...

  • Anything before 2010: SGPA: The Prequel
  • January 1, 2010: Young Justice (Season 1) and SGPA (Season 1)
  • July 15, 2010: SGPA starts recruiting heroes
  • January 1, 2016: Young Justice: Invasion (Season 2) and SGPA: The Sequel (Season 2) starts
  • January 31, 2020: SGPA Beyond (Season 3) starts


YEAR 00 (2007) - 03 (2010): FOUNDING OF THE SGPA - THE PREQUEL (YJ Season 1, ep. 0-4)Edit

March 13th, Year 00 (2007) - Cyber Shooter is awakened as a cyborg at CADMUS

October, Year 00 (2007) - Solar Cat (12 years old, grade 7) and Sugar Space Bunny start the SGPA as an after-school gag club to go on adventures

October, Year 01 (2008) – Greyson (13 years old, grade 8) runs away from home and becomes Ripchord

June 30, Year 02 (2009) - Solar Cat and Sugar Space Bunny find Dysta and she gives them SUPER POWERS

July, Year 02 (2009) - Red Kite is allowed on patrol for the first time

Year 03 (2010)Edit

May, Year 03 (2010) - Aria (age 15) becomes a villain, while her brothers Catalyst and Inhibitor (age 17) join the SGPA as heroes.

June, Year 03 (2010) - Catalyst and Inhibitor find Huldrekall (age 13) and convince him to join

July, Year 03 (2010) - Penumbra (age 15) accidentally creates Taboo and they both become partners-in-crime

July 4, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 1: Independence DayEdit

After helping Batman, Aquaman, Flash, and Green Arrow take down Mr. Freeze, Killer Frost, Captain Cold, and Icicle, Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Speedy are brought to the Hall of Justice. Speedy is disappointed that they can't become members of the Justice League and walks out after admitting to the other three sidekicks that the Justice League's real base is orbiting the planet. While the Justice League are called away by Zatara to help in preventing Wotan from blotting out the sun, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash break into Cadmus (which was on fire at the time) and find that it is being run by Mark Desmond and the Genomorphs in the building's sub-levels. The Genomorphs have taken control of Guardian's mind. The sidekicks find a clone of Superman known as Superboy.

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July 5, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 2: FireworksEdit

Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash free Superboy from Cadmus's control. When getting close to the surface, Dubbilex and the Genomorphs arrive stating that they wanted their freedom from Mark Desmond. Mark Desmond arrives and drinks the Blockbuster Formula which transforms him into Blockbuster who knocks away Guardian. When Blockbuster is defeated by Robin, Aqualad, Kid Flash, and Superboy, the Justice League arrive. When Superboy shows the S emblem on his suit, Superman is surprised as Batman demands an explanation. After the explanation is done, Blockbuster is arrested and taken away by some of the Justice League members. After a talk with the other members of the Justice League, Superman tells Superboy that "they'll work something out" before leaving to make sure that Blockbuster is locked away. Batman tells the young heroes that Cadmus will be investigated yet they still have to answer to him, Aquaman, and Flash for disobeying orders. With some helpful convincing from Superboy, Robin, Aqualad, and Kid Flash end up getting their own covert team that works for the Justice League.

July 5, Year 03 (2010) - Cyber Shooter and the Young Justice team meet and they rescue her from CADMUS

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July 8, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 2: FireworksEdit

Mount Justice in Happy Harbor is reopened. Batman states that he will be giving the missions while Red Tornado lives with them and Black Canary becomes their trainer. Martian Manhunter's niece Miss Martian also joins the group. Meanwhile, Guardian takes over the Cadmus Building in Mark Desmond's place, but running it much different than the way that Mark Desmond has. As Guardian is discussing his plans with Dubbilex and Dr. Amanda Spence, Cadmus' Board of Directors called The Light contemplates the sidekicks' interference in their affairs

July, Year 03 (2010) - Anemoi joins the team a few Days after the first mess at CADMUS after her father decided that she should expand her network of teen heroes outside of the family.

July, Year 03 (2010) - Solar Cat gets into Gotham Academy & Dysta tags along

July 15, Year 03 (2010) - Sugar Space Bunny gets the Darklord to join

July, Year 03 (2010) - [link] => Solar Cat runs into Silver Zodiac multiple times and he sometimes helps out

July, Year 03 (2010) - Solar Cat and Dysta run into Johnny many times too, thus he develops his hatred of the girls

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July 17, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 3: Welcome to Happy HarborEdit

Speedy refuses to join the group after a battle with Brick.

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July 18, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 3: Welcome to Happy HarborEdit

The group faces off against Mister Twister who is attacking Happy Harbor under the false belief that Red Tornado is testing them. The team manages to defeat Mister Twister as Miss Martian uses a large rock to crush the pilot who was actually a robot. It turns out that the robot piloting the Mister Twister armor was controlled by Bromwell Stikk from an undisclosed location to test it out for T.O. Morrow who commented to Bromwell that he was lucky it wasn't him testing the armor.

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July 19, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 4: DropzoneEdit

Kobra has taken over the operations in Santa Prisca where Kobra's minion Mammoth ends up defeating Bane.

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July 22, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 4: DropzoneEdit

Despite lacking a clear leader, the gang is assigned its first mission by Batman. They later get caught in the middle of a war between Bane's gang and the Cult of the Kobra (who are assisted by Cadmus' operative Sportsmaster) over the production of the drug Venom. Aqualad agrees to be the leader until Robin is ready to take over.

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July 23, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 4: DropzoneEdit

Batman congratulates the team on a successful mission despite a rocky start. Meanwhile, Sportsmaster gives The Light the remaining vial of the Venom/Blockbuster Formula combination. With L-6 mentioning that the formula can be reverse-engineered, L-1 states that they will plan to have their payback on the team someday.

July, Year 03 (2010) -

July, Year 03 (2010) -


August 3, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 5: SchooledEdit

Superboy's nonexistent relationship with Superman takes its toll on him, as he ignores Black Canary's training and becomes more angry and irrational. Things get worse when the team faces Professor Ivo's Amazo, a threat which even taxed the Justice League. Meanwhile, Batman advises and tries to convince Superman to accept Superboy as his protege.

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August 4, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 5: SchooledEdit

Batman congratulates the team on their mission. They discover that an archer saved their lives from Amazo. Superboy decides to train with Black Canary.

August 4, Year 03 (2010) - Ryota's friend Timothy gets shot and killed, signalling the start of Ryota's superhero alias.

August 4, Year 03 (2010) - Ryota's friend Timothy gets shot and killed, signalling the start of Ryota's superhero alias.

August, Year 03 (2010) - [link] => Batman is mad at Solar Cat and Dysta and makes them train with "The Team" (Young Justice crew)

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August 7, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 6: InfiltratorEdit

Red Arrow rescues Dr. Sterling Roquette from the League of Shadows who had kidnapped her and forced her to make the FOG program for them.

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August 8, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 6: InfiltratorEdit

Newcomer heroine Artemis must prove herself to the team while protecting Dr. Serling Roquette from the League of Shadows (a mission brought to them by Red Arrow) as she prepares to make a program to counter the FOG. While Professor Ojo disperses the FOG, Sensei sends Cheshire, Black Spider, and Hook to assassinate Dr. Serling Roquette. While Superboy defeats Professor Ojo, Hook and Black Spider are also defeated while Cheshire gets away upon Artemis recognizing her. Artemis is accepted by the team.

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August 9, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 6: InfiltratorEdit

Upon Artemis' return to Gotham City, she runs into Red Arrow. Red Arrow knows that Artemis is not who she seems and threatens her not to hurt his friends. The Sensei is revealed to be in league with The Light where dialogue between Sensei and L-2 reveals that they have someone on the inside.

August, Year 03 (2010) - Dysta's first new recruit is Black Seiren, and they both come up with the idea to recruit many people!

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August 19, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 7: DenialEdit

The team is sent to the Tower of Fate by Red Tornado to find Kent Nelson and prevent the helmet of Doctor Fate from falling into the hands of Abra Kadabra and Klarion the Witch Boy, forcing Kid Flash to put his skepticism of magic aside.

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August 20, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 7: DenialEdit

Kid Flash keeps the helmet until he finds a new host for Doctor Fate.

August, Year 03 (2010) - [link] => Euphony joins the SGPA after transferring to Gotham Academy and Dysta finds out she probably has cool powers!

August, Year 03 (2010) - [link] => Kendra is found roaming around the Mt. Justice base by Solar Cat and Sugar Space Bunny! She's a cat, so of course they want her to join the SGPA!

August, Year 03 (2010) - [link] then [link] then [link] then [link] then [link] => Altaire meets Ezra and things happen between them!

August, Year 03 (2010) - [link] and [link] => Princess Fafnr joins and is awkward with the gentlemenz!

August, Year 03 (2010) - Perun (age 16) crash-lands on Earth. Aria finds him. He joins the SGPA and starts to take an interest in Inhibitor. Cataylst starts dating Manipulator (Gen Bay) [(c) amberxsupernova]. Aria starts going out with Green Lantern (Jace Jordan) [(c) RainVongola].

August, Year 03 (2010) -

August 27, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 8: DowntimeEdit

The team's mission against Clayface ends in disaster with Batman stepping in to save them and scolding Aqualad for letting the rest of Young Justice get taken down in battle. Aqualad travels home to Atlantis to consider returning to the team or living with Tula below the ocean's surface. Aqualad is unaware that Tula is in a relationship with his friend Garth as Tula tells Garth that Aqualad must know of their relationship. While Aquaman is away, Black Manta and his Manta-Men invade Atlantis in order to steal a large starfish creature frozen in ice.

August, Year 03 (2010) - Crow is recruited after seeing Dysta with a sign, and joins in the fun! Kai sees him and Elle convinces her to join soon after.

August, Year 03 (2010) -

September 3, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 8: DowntimeEdit

Upon understanding the relationship between Tula and Garth, Aqualad retakes his responsibilities as team leader and the team is briefed on a new mission in Bialya. Black Manta reports his mission to The Light as L-5 states that they will obtain the starfish creature another way.

September 3, Year 03 (2010) - Cyber Shooter finds an abandoned stuffed bear and thus Chippy was created!

September 3, Year 03 (2010) - Distortion joins, after just finding out of powers.

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 4, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 9: BereftEdit

The team discovers that they have forgotten the last six months of their lives, including each other and a final fateful mission in Bialya. The team turns to Miss Martian to recover their memories, before it is too late for Superboy. With help from Superboy after restoring his memories, Miss Martian manages to defeat Psimon and recover the piece of alien-tech.

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 5, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 9: BereftEdit

Superboy and Miss Martian meet with the rest of the team who are tending to Aqualad. Miss Martian was able to get a 'souvenir' from the trip. Psimon reports his mission to The Light. In dialogue between Psimon and L-4, it is mentioned that their new ally had sent the sphere through something that resembles a boom tube.

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 7, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 10: TargetsEdit

While in Taipei, Red Arrow prevents Cheshire from assassinating Lex Luthor (who is assisting in a peace effort between General Singh Manh Li of Northern Rhelasia and Prime Minister Tseng of Southern Rhelasia). When Red Arrow questions Cheshire on why the League of Shadows wants to assassinate Lex Luthor, Sportsmaster appears and springs Cheshire from prison. Aqualad ends up coming to Red Arrow's aid. Meanwhile, Superboy and Miss Martian adopt the names Conner Kent and Megan Morse when they begin their first day of school where they meet Wendy and Marvin, Mal Duncan, Karen Beecher, and their teacher Lucas Carr. When the League of Shadows gets away upon defeat, Red Arrow tells Aqualad that he heard Sportsmaster mentioning something about a mole on the Young Justice team. Unbeknownst to the public, it turns out that Lex Luthor was in cahoots with Ra's al Ghul in order to further the goals of The Light.

September 7, Year 03 (2010) - Distortion is able to get a "friend" to join. Metal Panic becomes an official hero

September, Year 03 (2010) - Zenith joins the SGPA and brings Horizon along with her

September, Year 03 (2010) - [1] => SGPA throws a prom!

September, Year 03 (2010) - [2] => SGPA has a swimwear competition! Kai, Qeurt, and Ezra win!

September, Year 03 (2010) - Inhibitor and Perun start going out.

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 14, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 11: TerrorsEdit

Superman and Martian Manhunter defeat the Terror Twins in New Orleans. With the Terror Twins defeated, Batman has Superboy and Miss Martian disguise themselves as the Terror Twins in order to infiltrate Belle Reve since the ice-based villains (consisting of Captain Cold, Icicle Jr., Killer Frost, and Mr. Freeze) that were defeated were sent there.

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 16, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 11: TerrorsEdit

A disguised Superboy and Miss Martian arrive at Belle Reve which is run by Warden Amanda Waller and prison psychiatrist Hugo Strange. When in the male section of Belle Reve, Superboy hears of a plot by Icicle Jr.'s dad Icicle Sr. to break out of jail. Superboy and Miss Martian kiss when Megan gets thawed after she was frozen by Killer Frost for stopping another inmate from killing a female guard. In the aftermath of the breakout attempt, all the prisoners were rounded up except for Riddler and Hugo Strange becomes the new warden of Belle Reve. It is revealed that Hugo Strange is in cahoots with Icicle Sr. in order to further the goals of The Light.

September 16, Year 03 (2010) - [link] then [link] => Ezra goes on vacation, but Altaire hasn't exactly been exclusive

September 16, Year 03 (2010) - Namist escapes from Belle Reve and joins the enchantress Talisman. Distortion is accepted into Gotham Academy, with her brother Eliot. Mighty Martian joins.

September 16, Year 03 (2010) - Dark Phoenix makes her appearance

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 22, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 12: Home FrontEdit

Artemis attends the Gotham Academy. There, she meets the new student liaison Bette Kane. Dick Grayson quickly takes a picture of both of them, noting that they will 'laugh about this later'. Upon returning to the cave, Robin and Artemis find that Mount Justice itself has been attacked by two "relatives" of Red Tornado named Red Inferno and Red Torpedo. Artemis and Robin (the two teens without super-powers) must save the team from the invaders. When Robin is captured, Artemis pretends to surrender, then quickly fires Kid Flash's "souvenir" arrow at the E.M.P. emitter to create a shock-wave that shuts down Red Torpedo and Red Inferno. Red Tornado arrives after hearing that something is wrong at Mount Justice. After making contact with other robots, Red Tornado creates a whirlwind that sucks the air out of the room, leaving the team unconscious. When they wake up, the "Reds" are gone.

September 22, Year 03 (2010) - Ryota officially becomes Beat and begins to fight for justice!

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 23, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 13: Alpha MaleEdit

Already exhausted and rattled after a home turf invasion of The Cave and what had happened to Red Tornado, the team learns that Aqualad withheld vital information that put them all at risk after Superboy overhears Aqualad's conversation with Batman. Batman sends the team and their replacement “den-mother” Captain Marvel to India to investigate bizarre reports of armed animals attacking human beings. They discover that Brain is behind the Venom-enhanced animals. After Brain and Monsieur Mallah escape, the animals are freed from the Venom Collars as Superboy adopts a large genetically enhanced White Wolf that he calls Wolf while Captain Marvel befriends a tiger that he names Tawky Tawny.

September 23, Year 03 (2010) - [3] => Altaire breaks up with Ezra... then in the evening.. [4] => DRAMA! Fafnr saves Altaire from himself.

September 24, Year 03 (2010) - [link] then [link] => Altaire leaves Gotham to find himself

September 24, Year 03 (2010) - [link] => Altaire's over at his mom's in Bludhaven

September, Year 03 (2010) -

September 24, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 13: Alpha MaleEdit

Captain Marvel returns home to tell his Uncle Dudley about the mission. Then he reverts to Billy Batson before going to bed.

September 24, Year 03 (2010)- Red Kite is officially recognized as a hero and joins the team

September, Year 03 (2010) - Miss Candy and co. raid EVIL's HQ for equipment after it falls

September, Year 03 (2010) - Dysta makes alliances with Ahmir, Yuta, and Hei, the assassin kids! She's going to sew them awesome costumes in the future in exchange.

September, Year 03 (2010) -

YEAR 03 (2010) - 04 (2011): SGPA GAINS THEIR OWN HEADQUARTERS - (YJ Season 1, ep. 14-26)Edit

September, Year 03 (2010) - The core of SGPA moves out of Mt. Justice, some go with them, some stay at Mt. Justice

September, Year 03 (2010) - SGPA raids EVIL's base to gather remaining equipment to install into SGPA HQ

September, Year 03 (2010) - Night Hunter finally joins around this time

September, Year 03 (2010) - Harpie joins around this time

October 1, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 14: RevelationsEdit

When Plant Creatures attack major cities around the world, the team is eager to join the fight alongside the Justice League. Instead, Batman assigns them a still more dangerous task: taking out the Plant Creatures' masters, a secret society of super-villains called the Injustice League (consisting of the Joker, Count Vertigo, Poison Ivy, Atomic Skull, Wotan, Black Adam, and Ultra-Humanite). In the end, it is revealed that the Injustice League is a "fall guy" meant to distract the heroes from discovering who is really behind recent events which turns out to be The Light as its members (consisting of Vandal Savage, Ra's al Ghul, Lex Luthor, the Bialyan Queen Bee, Ocean Master, Brain, and Klarion the Witch Boy) are finally revealed.

October 1, Year 03 (2010) - Ice Shard is revealed though is not an official villain.

October, Year 03 (2010) - After Kid Flash breaks his arm, Aletheia (who had ended up on an enlistment watch list) is tentatively introduced to the team once it's realized readily available medical assistance readily might be helpful. She's only called once in a while, though, and only for more serious cases.

October, Year 03 (2010) - [link] and [link] and [link] and [link] => Solar Cat figures out Silver Zodiac was Altaire all along and that Seiren was up to foolishness!

October, Year 03 (2010) -

October 10, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 15: HumanityEdit

The team and Zatanna are on the hunt for Red Tornado, determined to find out once and for all whether the robot was the mole. After interrogating Professor Ivo at Belle Reve, the team tracks down Red Tornado and meets Tornado's little brother Red Volcano who attempts to destroy the Earth after destroying T.O. Morrow (who was revealed to be an android). The three reds attack him and manage to melt him in lava. Red Tornado is saved by Superboy and reveals the truth: he had left in order to protect the team from further attacks. He also admits that he does care about them, and soon after goes to take care of his "father" as the real T.O. Morrow is shown old and bedridden. Zatara talks with Black Canary stating how he was displeased that his daughter went with the team on their secret mission as Captain Marvel asks them when the team is going to come out and play with him and Wolf.

October, Year 03 (2010) -

October, Year 03 (2010) -

October 16, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 16: FailsafeEdit

During an alien invasion, the Team faces the ultimate challenge when they are forced to replace the fallen Justice League. However, the team later learns that the invasion was a mental training simulation containing an unwinnable scenario held by Martian Manhunter, and Miss Martian's unexpectedly powerful psychic talents caused them all to forget that the experience was a simulation.

October, Year 03 (2010) -

October, Year 03 (2010) -

October 23, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 17: DisorderedEdit

Still traumatized by the training exercise that went wrong in the last episode, the team attempts to work through their feelings with Black Canary. Meanwhile, Superboy's pet Sphere comes to the attention of the people who previously possessed it called the Forever People. They identify that Conner actually saved the New Genisphere from the Bialyans and welcome him as a friend. Superboy and the Forever People end up stumbling upon Intergang who are using technology from Apokolips to rob an underground gold vault. Superboy and the Forever People learn that Intergang received the Apokolips technology from Desaad. They defeat the villains and gather up the rest of the missing technology. The episode ends with the Forever People allowing Conner to keep Sphere. Batman receives a report from Superboy about the truth of Sphere and Apokolips supplying their technology to Intergang.

October, Year 03 (2010) -

October, Year 03 (2010) -

October 31, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 18: SecretsEdit

Artemis and Zatanna go to Manhattan for a girls' night after learning that Superboy and Miss Martian are a couple. While out, they get chased by a dangerous psychopath named Harm. Meanwhile, Wally West, Megan Morse, and Conner Kent attend a Halloween party at Megan's and Conner's school. Also, Megan introduces Wally to Wendy, Marvin, Karen Beecher and Mal Duncan. There, they thwart the efforts of Marvin (who was playing a Halloween prank on the students) by playing a prank on him.

October 31, Year 03 (2010) - Miss Martian and Superboy discovers that Harpie has been studying with them all this time.

October 31, Year 03 (2010) - Mighty Martian goes missing.

October, Year 03 (2010) -

November 1, Year 03 (2010) - DISTORTIONS EVENTEdit

The whole of the Justice League and the SGPA are sent on a world-wide mission.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 5, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 19: MisplacedEdit

When every adult on the planet disappears because of a spell cast by Klarion the Witch Boy, Wizard, Wotan, Felix Faust, and Blackbriar Thorn, only the team, Zatanna, and Billy Batson are left to figure out what's going on.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 6, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 19: MisplacedEdit

It is revealed that the adults and children are in different dimensions. With the help of Captain Marvel, a battle plan is formulated. During the showdown, Zatanna dons the Helmet of Fate to help fight Klarion. Zatara later becomes the new Doctor Fate in order to free his daughter from Nabu's thrall since Nabu had moved Kent Nelson to the afterlife.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 7, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 19: MisplacedEdit

Zatanna moves in permanently at Mount Justice with Miss Martian and Superboy, still missing her father. Klarion reports back to Brain where it turns out that Klarion's scheme was just a distraction to enable Sportsmaster and Riddler to steal an item from S.T.A.R. Labs for "the Light".

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 11, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 20: ColdheartedEdit

Kid Flash is disappointed on his birthday when he is tasked by Batman to deliver a heart to Queen Perdita of Vlativa, while the rest of the team is sent to join the Justice League and destroy flying fortresses causing nationwide snowstorms. On the way he is attacked by Vandal Savage, who delays him for some time. Kid Flash reaches the hospital only to be informed by a doctor that Perdita already passed away and takes the heart from him. Kid Flash realizes he's been tricked, and stops the doctor, a henchmen of Count Vertigo (Perdita's uncle who plots to let her die and take the throne). Kid Flash manages to retrieve the heart and get it to the doctors. However, it is reported on the news that Perdita died during the operation.

November 11, Year 03 (2010) - Mighty Martian found dead.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 12, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 20: ColdheartedEdit

Count Vertigo approaches Kid Flash in his hospital room and gloats over his success. It is revealed that Perdita is alive with Kid Flash having faked the news and tricked him into confessing. Perdita revokes Vertigo's diplomatic immunity and he is arrested. Perdita offers Count Vertigo's sword to Kid Flash as a souvenir.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 13, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 20: ColdheartedEdit

At Mount Justice, it is shown that Wally kept the heart carrier instead having realized that saving Perdita's life was more meaningful. At Belle Reve, Hugo Strange meets Batman and Flash and explains that the five ice-powered villains (Batman's prime suspects of the fortresses) were apparently in their cells the whole time.

November, Year 03 (2010) - Aletheia is convinced to join the SGPA full-time and is in more often in contact with the heroes. She frequents the headquarters to sort through paperwork, do a little cleaning and cooking, and help patch up people after strenuous missions or training sessions. However, she's not usually out on the field in uniform as she's little more than a glorified civilian.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 22, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 21: ImageEdit

A covert operation against Queen Bee's forces in Qurac results in the Team encountering Garfield Logan and his mother. The Team make the connection between Miss Martian and the 'Hello, Megan' program.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 22, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 21: ImageEdit

During an attempt to rescue Qurac's president, Miss Martian encounters Psimon, who forces her to revert to her White Martian form. She manages to keep this form concealed by knocking her teammates unconscious and rendering Psimon catatonic. However, Queen Bee later seeks to blackmail her into becoming a spy by threatening to reveal her true identity.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November 25, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 22: AgendasEdit

At the JLA Watchtower, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman meet with the other members of the Justice League to discuss expanding the Justice League's roster. Superboy returns to Project Cadmus to investigate a rumor by Lex Luthor that the top-secret genetics lab has created another Superman clone. When he discovers this to be true, he learns that the clone, code-named "Match" was the first attempt to clone Superman from purely Kryptonian DNA. The resulting clone is far more unstable, and Superboy reluctantly decides that the clone needs to remain in cryogenic stasis. He also learns that his DNA is mixed with that of a human - Lex Luthor himself - and that Luthor can shut Superboy down with a simple phrase. At the JLA Watchtower, the Justice League have finished their deliberations as to possible recruits.

November, Year 03 (2010) -

November, Year 03 (2010) -

December 4, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 23: InsecurityEdit

Artemis and Green Arrow stop an assassination attempt by Black Spider. Then Green Arrow is approached by Red Arrow, who had agreed to meet him. Meanwhile, Sportsmaster springs Professor Ivo from Belle Reve.

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December 5, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 23: InsecurityEdit

Red Arrow joins the Team and embarks on a mission with Kid Flash, Aqualad and Artemis to track down Sportsmaster, which results in them battling Cheshire too. Wally starts to express his feelings for Artemis. Artemis discovers that Klarion the Witch Boy, Brain, and Professor Ivo are all working together. Wally realizes that Artemis lied to them about the tracker and decides the tracker she used to track Cheshire is the right souvenir. Meanwhile at the Cave, the other members of the Team discover Red Tornado's human body which Red Tornado plans to use to blend into the human race.

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December 6, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 23: InsecurityEdit

Artemis returns home and is confronted by Sportsmaster (who is revealed to be her father). He tries to persuade her that she belongs with her villainous family, not the Team.

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December 22, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 24: PerformanceEdit

The Team goes undercover at the Haly International Traveling Circus to locate a thief stealing weapons technology across Europe.

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December 23, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 24: PerformanceEdit

The experience of working with the circus again drives Robin to distraction as he reflects on his family's death and the possibility of Jack Haly losing the circus if the thief isn't caught. As the circus moves location, the Team encounters the thief: Parasite. Superboy starts to rely on Lex Luthor's 'Shields' more.

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December 24, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 24: PerformanceEdit

The Team track down Parasite and defeat him. Afterwards, Jack Haly reveals to Robin that he knows and remembers him, and implores the Boy Wonder to perform for the circus one more time.

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December 25, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 25: usual SuspectsEdit

After watching the induction of Dr. Fate, The Atom, Plastic Man, Icon and Red Arrow into the Justice League, the Team (accompanied by new member Rocket) head to the Smokey Mountains in pursuit of a plane that Cheshire was seen boarding. They run into a trap, but defeat their enemies and are later congratulated by the League. However, the Light plan to make up for their failure by luring Superboy, Artemis and Miss Martian to Santa Prisca, blackmailing the latter two concerning their secrets, and tempting Conner with the promise of more Shields. This forces the trio to finally reveal their secrets to their teammates, and by working as a unit they are able to turn the tide against the armada of villains waiting for them on the island. With almost all of the villains taken down, the Team are delighted... unaware that on the Watchtower, the true mole, Red Arrow, has put the entire Justice League under the control of Vandal Savage.

December 30, Year 03 (2010) - Tygra joins after being found in Gotham

December, Year 03 (2010) -

December 31, Year 03 (2010) - ep. 26: Auld AquaintanceEdit

The Team arrive at the Cave, and are informed by Batman that Red Arrow is a Roy Harper clone who replaced the original 3 years ago and has tried to betray the Justice League to Vandal Savage. Suspicious of this strange situation, the Team split up: four of them try to track down Red Arrow (who has gone on the run) while the others investigate what is wrong with a malfunctioning Red Tornado. Once his consciousness is transferred to his humanoid body, Tornado explains that the entire League is under the control of Vandal Savage. The Team plot an attack on the Watchtower in an attempt to ambush the League members individually and expose them to a reverse-engineered cure to the Starro biotech. After a fierce battle, they succeed, and Savage and Klarion flee.

December 31, Year 03 (2010) - Elliot's heart is broken by Artemis. Distortion leaves the team, and stops being a hero. Songbird leaves the team for a career in Hollywood.

December, Year 03 (2010) -

January 1, Year 04 (2011) - ep. 26: Auld AquaintanceEdit

Realizing it's New Year's Day, the Team celebrates and romance blossoms between several members. Later, Superman and Superboy have a heart-to-heart talk. The Light storm the Cadmus facility and apprehend Match and the real Roy Harper (who's missing his right arm). Robin alerts some of the other heroes to the fact that 6 Justice League members' whereabouts for 16 hours while under Savage's control cannot be accounted for.

January 1, Year 03 (2010) -

January 1, Year 03 (2010) -

YEAR 04 (2011) - 08 (2015): THE LOST YEARSEdit

Year 04 (2011)Edit

Year 04 (2011) - Harpie discovers her relationship with Cadmus and goes solo to discover her past.

Year 04 (2011) - Tygra finds out that Felidus is still "alive" and goes for him, Tygra then makes Felidus join

Year 04 (2011) - After returning to Ballamy Oasis to see her best friend Noelle, a clan of Arcadus kidnap Night Hunter.

Year 04 (2011) - Cyber Shooter joins SGPA!

Year 04 (2011) - => Fafnr and Kat become good friends!

August, Year 04 (2011) – Ripchord (16 years old) breaks into Lumie're's beachside villa; Lum and Mage defeat him

October, Year 04 (2011) - Inhibitor and Perun break up.

November 11, Year 04 (2011) Qeurt was captured by Axas. Leira, Shiso and Red eye's team rescue him.

December, Year 04 (2011) - Inhibitor starts dating Argine (Saxen Ashdown) [(c) WickaSkull].

December, Year 04 (2011) - Penumbra gets hauled off to Arkham Asylum. Taboo starts a relationship with Cricket [(c) WickaSkull] while Penumbra is gone. Penumbra escapes and begins to fear that Taboo might abandon her.

Year 05 (2012)Edit

January, Year 05 (2012) - Penumbra creates Leviathan to alleviate her fear of loneliness. She screws up while creating him, giving him 3 personalities.

March, Year 05 (2012) – Creepshow meets Ripchord (17) and attempts to befriend him, but fails

March 15, Year 05 (2012) Kuho gives his word to Seiren that if he can't find the cure to his illness in four years, he was going to accept Seiren's propposal of transforming him into a White Seiren

Year 05 (2012) - Beat joints SGPA!

Year 05 (2012) - => Fafnr goes back to her home planet Amat due to political tensions and Nick follows to declare his love -- it doesn't go well

Year 05 (2012) - => NightShade goes rogue and turns into a villain!

April, Year 05 (2012) - Leviathan asks out Penumbra. She reluctantly says yes.

April, Year 05 (2012) - Ripchord attempts to mug Altaire with a can opener, but fails

April, Year 05 (2012) - Ripchord runs into a starving Altaire on the beach

May, Year 05 (2012) - Sanguine (age 16) appears in Gotham and is thought to be behind a string of odd murders. Sangre (age 15) decides to stop working with his sister Sanguine and joins the SGPA. Sangre also starts dating Amora [(c)WickaSkull].

May, Year 05 (2012) - Red Kite finally faces her fears and defeats Poltergeist, who is sent to Arkham.

June, Year 05 (2012) - Sanguine starts dating Beat [(c) forevermine99]. Penumbra finds the origin of her powers, and finds someone willing to train her. He warns her that she could get kicked out of this dimension for gaining too much power, but she goes with it anyway.

June, Year 05 (2012) – Kat picks a fight with Ripchord at the beach, and he drags Cia underwater in retaliation; Cia manages to escape and Ripchord flees

June, Year 05 (2012) – => Cia seeks out Ripchord to apologize for the incident involving his dragging her into the water; an unlikely friendship develops

July, Year 05 (2012) - Penumbra gives Taboo reality warping powers

July, Year 05 (2012) – Cia discovers Ripchord's criminal activities; he disappears

August, Year 05 (2012) - Sanguine meets Perun and they become BFFs.

August, Year 05 (2012) - Altaire and Cia start dating

August, Year 05 (2012) - an older woman picks Ripchord off the street

October, Year 05 (2012) – Ripchord begins speaking again

December, Year 05 (2012) – Ripchord (18) moves out of the woman's apartment and into a halfway house; he begins learning guitar

December, Year 05 (2012) – Ripchord suddenly appears in front of Cia and outs Altaire's history of sexual assault to her, and later to Kat

December, Year 05 (2012) – Altaire confronts Ripchord about the past, but Ripchord refuses to listen

December, Year 05 (2012) - Penumbra gains a lot of power in a short amount of time and realizes getting kicked out of this dimension is unavoidable. She creates a new dimension called the Valley of Ashes and is sent there when she gets kicked out. Leviathan goes with her, but Taboo chooses not to.

December, Year 05 (2012) – the man who's been teaching Grey guitar gifts him with a used one for Christmas

Year 06 (2013)Edit

Year 06 (2013) - Elliot becomes a villain to take a place like his father's.

January, Year 06 (2013) - Penumbra fixes up the Valley of Ashes and declares herself as the queen.

January, Year 06 (2013) – the halfway house informs Ripchord he must provide proof of employment by the end of February, or his stay will be terminated

February, Year 06 (2013) – Cyanure agrees to allow Ripchord to play guitar at his bar, but refuses to employ him officially

February, Year 06 (2013) - Penumbra creates the first 3 Angelikes, Michael, Raphael, and Gabriel. The 3 start bringing people to the Valley of Ashes.

February, Year 06 (2013) - Altaire and Cia end their relationship due to pressure from Kat

February, Year 06 (2013) – Ripchord is unable to find any other employment by the deadline, and the halfway house terminates his housing according to their policy; Ripchord entrusts some of his things to Cia in the meantime

March, Year 06 (2013) - Penumbra creates 3 more Angelikes, Uriel, Chamuel, and Jophiel.

March, Year 06 (2013) - Ripchord awkwardly confesses his feelings to Cia. Luckily, she returns them. However...

April, Year 06 (2013) - Sanguine is arrested.

May, Year 06 (2013) - Penumbra feels that the Angelikes need a female's opinion. She creates Zadkiel.

Year 06 (2013) - => Alexis Kalliope dies because the floating head is a tragedy-loving lord! ;__;

Year 06 (2013) – Grey returns to the ocean for the first time in a long while, only to discover that something has gone horribly wrong with his mer transformation

June, Year 06 (2013) - Penumbra creates the 8th Angelike, Luciel.

July, Year 06 (2013) - Inhibitor decides to go solo.

August, Year 06 (2013) - Leviathan changes his name to Metatron

October, Year 06 (2013) - Eve starts dating civilian Willard Bryce

November 4, Year 06 (2013) - Red Kite attempts to reason with Victor Zsasz and narrowly escapes. Her throat is slashed, albeit not severely enough to risk her life, but she is left shaken. Eve stops talking to those that she does not know well.

November 10, Year 06 (2013) - Eve gives into previously conquered fears and hangs up the mantel of Red Kite

November, Year 06 (2013) - Sanguine was supposed to be executed, but Raphael saves her and brings her to the Valley of Ashes

December, Year 06 (2013) - Sangre decides to go to the Valley of Ashes to be with his sister.

Year 07 (2014)Edit

January, Year 07 (2014) - Inhibitor figures out that he'll never find out what he is and starts spiraling into depression

February, Year 07 (2014) - Perun finds out where Sanguine went and starts visiting her often in the Valley.

March, Year 07 (2014) - Eve breaks up with civilian Willard Bryce

June, Year 07 (2014) - Eve starts an apprenticeship at WayneTech

July, Year 07 (2014) - Penumbra appears to Inhibitor as a burning butterfly and makes him an offer he can't refuse. He goes to the Valley of Ashes so he can be turned into an Angelike.

Year 07, August - Catalyst and Aria begin to panic because they haven't seen or heard from Inhibitor in weeks. Gabriel informs them of his location.

September, Year 07 (2014) - Eve starts dating civilian Willard Bryce again

October, Year 07 (2014) - Luciel attempts to assassinate/overthrow Penumbra and take control of the Valley. Michael attacks Luciel to protect his creator. Luciel dies. (Or did he?)

December, Year 07 (2014) - Jason Todd is murdered. Eve takes up the mantel of Sparrowhawk after being reminded why she fought.

December, Year 07 (2014) - Inhibitor finishes his transformation and becomes the 9th Angelike. He stays in the Valley of Ashes a little bit longer to practice using his new powers and to just get used to what he is now!

Year 07 (2014) -

Year 07 (2014) -

Year 08 (2015)Edit

January, Year 08 (2015) - Eve breaks up with civilian Willard Bryce. What a surprise.

January, Year 08 (2015) - Inhibitor leaves the Valley of Ashes and returns home as Tabris.

February, Year 08 (2015) - A new villain named Lucifer appears.

Year 08 (2015) - Night Hunter lodges with the surprisingly lenient clan of Arcadus as the rest of the world presumes her dead.

April, Year 08 (2015) - Aria makes an alliance with Lucifer.

Year 08 (2015) - [link] and [link] and [link] and [link] and [link] and [link] and [link] => MY HOW THEY'VE GROWN!

Year 08 (2015) - [link] => Ezra and Altaire get back together (Alt's the roommate!), giving everyone much-needed closure LOL

Year 08 (2015) - After Night Hunter goes on the run from both the authorities AND her new, personal mass-murdering stalker, she decides to hide out in a large church, cleverly disguised as a child loving nun~! Don't think she's been doing nothing though. While former friends visit and accuse her of cowardice, she reveals she has been expanding her titanium limit and fugue state consciousness.

August 20, Year 08 (2015) - Axas kills Shiso

September 26, Year 08 (2015) - Qeurt kills Axas

September 29, Year 08 (2015) - Leira starts searching for a guy named Kivaty to get in contact with Shiso.

October 22, Year 08 (2015) - Kuho finally find the cure for his illness. Unfortunately, his body has suffered a lot of irreparable damage as well as his memory.

December 15, Year 08 (2015) Kuho is constantly depressed by his weak body. He's unable to accept himself as he is and decides to join to the White Seirens.

Year 08 (2015) -

YEAR 09 (2016) - YEAR 13 (2020) - THE SEQUEL (YJ Season 2, ep. 27- 40)Edit

January 1, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 27: Happy New YearEdit

It's been five years since the Team had thwarted Vandal Savage's plot to control the Justice League. The Team has gained new members (consisting of Blue Beetle, Beast Boy, Bumblebee, Lagoon Boy, Wonder Girl, Batgirl, and Mal Duncan) with Tim Drake as the new Robin (with Dick Grayson becoming Nightwing) and some of the original ones have joined the Justice League. After the intergalactic bounty hunter Lobo attacks the United Nations and reveals the Secretary-General Tseng as a Krolotean in disguise, G. Gordon Godfrey is shown on his television program trying to turn the public against the Justice League on a news broadcast. When Cat Grant is at the scene trying to interview Rocket and Zatanna, both of them have no comment on what happened at the United Nations.

January 01, Year 09 (2016) -

  • spoiler* Qeurt leaves Leira's house for personal reasons.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 3, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 27: Happy New YearEdit

On the Watchtower, Adam Strange reveals that aliens from Rann have stolen zeta technology and used it to invade Earth. Members of the Team are dispatched to Rann while others are set to deal with the aliens on Earth.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 4, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 27: Happy New YearEdit

The Team splits into three squads to destroy the different zeta platforms. Robin, Lagoon Boy and Blue Beetle stumble upon a massive base occupied by throngs of aliens and liberate the human hostages. Meanwhile, Superboy, Miss Martian, Beast Boy and Adam Strange arrive on Rann.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 4, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 28: EarthlingsEdit

Superboy, Miss Martian and Beast Boy arrive on Rann with Adam Strange to halt the Krolotean invasion at its source. They are assisted by Alanna and Sardath.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 5, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 28: EarthlingsEdit

Alanna learns of Superboy and Miss Martian's relationship, that he cannot age (physically), and that he dumped her. It is revealed that Beast Boy is Garfield Logan and that his mother was killed by Queen Bee. Following a battle, M'gann incapacitates a Krolotean and when Superboy questions her she says that she uncovered the truth about what the Justice League did during their missing 16 hours.

January 5, Year 09 (2016) - Tygra finds a a way to go back home, but for this, she may have to work along with the kroloteans.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 5, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 29: AlienatedEdit

Bumblebee, Blue Beetle and Bibbo Bibbowski try to detain a Kroletean but it escapes.

January 5, Year 09 (2016) - Song Bird comes back as Phoenix, surprising everyone.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 6, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 29: AlienatedEdit

Miss Martian shares what she has learned about the Justice League's attack on Rimbor during the missing 16 hours with Nightwing and several Leaguers. Later, she forcefully probes the mind of a captured Kroletean and uncovers the location of their base. Members of the Team and the League investigate the island but are discovered and a fight ensues, during which the enemy is revealed to be the former Aqualad Kaldur'ahm, who left the team in anger after Aquagirl died when they were unable to save her, and he discovered that Black Manta was his father. Kaldur escapes, and a bomb planted by the enemy seemingly obliterates the island and most of the Kroloteans present.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 7, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 29: AlienatedEdit

Kaldur reports to Black Manta, who then reports to the Light as Black Manta is confirmed to be Ocean-Master's replacement.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January, Year 09 (2016) -

January 26, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 29: AlienatedEdit

The 6 Leaguers accused of attacking Rimbor, along with Hawkman and Icon, leave Earth with the captured Krolotean to try and resolve the dispute peacefully, bidding a temporary farewell to their proteges in the process.

January, Year 09 (2016) -

February 3, Year 09 (2016) - Coman begins hunting down Altaire's clients, and Altaire decides to leave Ezra for Ezra's safety, although promising he'll return to him one day.

February Year 09 (2016) -

February 13, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 30: SalvageEdit

Nightwing, Wally West, Jim Harper, Green Arrow and Black Canary reach out to Red Arrow, who has fallen into despair over his failed quest to find the original Roy Harper/Speedy. Superboy, Blue Beetle, Wolf, and Super Sphere track Intergang leader Bruno Mannheim and his liuetenant Whisper A' Daire to the Hall of Justice, where the criminals reanimate the Appolaxian Golem. The Golem attacks a nuclear power plant. Blue Beetle finds a way to communicate with the Golem, and learns it just wants to stop feeling pain. In the distance, Sportsmaster makes an example of Bruno and Whisper as his unseen partner destroys the Golem to prevent it from falling into enemy hands.

February Year 09 (2016) -

February Year 09 (2016) -

February 14, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 30: SalvageEdit

Wally returns home to Artemis and wishes her a happy Valentines Day. They appear to be retired from hero work, attending college, and living together romantically. Red Arrow returns home where Cheshire is waiting for him. She turns out to be his estranged legal wife, having left him and returning to a life of crime due to his obsession with finding the original Speedy. She reveals to him that they now have a newborn daughter. She wants him to clean up his act for their daughter, and has acquired a lead to help him find the original Speedy.

February Year 09 (2016) -

February Year 09 (2016) -

February 18, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 31: BeneathEdit

Blue Beetle tries to intercept his friend Tye before he boards a bus, but Tye is abducted before Jaime can reach him.

February Year 09 (2016) -

February Year 09 (2016) -

February 19, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 31: BeneathEdit

A visit to Tye's house leads Jaime to believe that his mother's boyfriend is responsible for his disappearance. Meanwhile, Batgirl, Wonder Girl, Miss Martian and Bumblebee are en route to Bialya.

February Year 09 (2016) -

February Year 09 (2016) -

February 20, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 31: BeneathEdit

The girls arrive in Bialya and after learning that Psimon is active again, they discover a shipment of runaways who are being transported by plane. Elsewhere, Jaime investigates Tye's mother's boyfriend and determines that he had nothing to do with Tye's disappearance. M'gann takes down Shimmer and learns that the runaways are being sent to an "unknown partner". Though the girls hijack the plane and get the abducted teens to safety, Queen Bee is content because a second shipment, which includes Tye, had already been acquired.

February Year 09 (2016) -

February Year 09 (2016) -

Year 09 (2016) - Grey (21) finally returns home and discovers he has a step-mother and a half-sister

February 28, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 32: BloodlinesEdit

A stranger appears within Mount Justice claiming to be a time traveler and the grandson of the current Flash (Barry Allen). The boy, Bart Allen/Impulse, soon gatecrashes the Garricks' wedding anniversary party and reveals his identity. Kid Flash/Wally West arrives soon after. The party is interrupted when they all learn that a villain called Neutron is on a rampage, and the Flash, Kid Flash, and Impulse head off to stop him. Meanwhile, Red Arrow and Cheshire travel to a League of Shadows base in Tibet where they finally find the original Roy Harper. In Central City, the Flashes defeat Neutron, and Impulse secretly administers a cure to Neutron's uncontrollable power. Later, Impulse also pretends to discover that he is stranded in the present day.

March 13, Year 09 (2016) - Kuho finally decides to join the White Seirens, as he promised to Seiren. Yikah tries to convince him to stay, but it doesn't work.

March 13, Year 09 (2016) - Kuho is transformed into a White Seiren

March 19, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 33: DepthsEdit

At Nightwing's request, Artemis rejoins the Team to help ensure the safe launch of one of Carol Ferris's communications satellites. The satellite is meant to strengthen relations between Earth and Mars, but Black Manta has sent Aqualad and his men to destroy it. Upon confronting the villains, Lagoon Boy is captured while Nightwing and Artemis deal with the ground assault. They soon find themselves up against Aqualad, who fails to destroy the rocket but kills Artemis. The rocket explodes anyway, and the heroes are unable to save their fallen friend.

March 19, Year 09 (2016) -

March 19, Year 09 (2016) -

March 20, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 33: DepthsEdit

Aqualad reports to Black Manta, who reveals that he had planted the bomb that destroyed the rocket in order to test whether his son would take credit for the victory or not. At Mount Justice, the Team mourns the death of their friend. On the waterfront of Blüdhaven, Nightwing and Wally meet in secret with Aqualad and Artemis, whose death was faked. Aqualad's defection from the Team and 'killing' of Artemis was part of a ruse to ensure that the pair could go undercover to learn more about the Light and their Partner.[19] Artemis is given an amulet (which Zatanna had made) that will disguise her looks to everyone except Nightwing, Aqualad and Wally, then she and Aqualad leave together.

March 20, Year 09 (2016) -

March 20, Year 09 (2016) -

March 21, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 34: SatisfactionEdit

After recuperating in the hospital, Roy Harper seeks vengeance against Lex Luthor, who ruined his life the day when he was taken down during a stakeout on LexCorp. His motive causes Green Arrow and Red Arrow to try to head to Metropolis before he accomplishes his goals. In exchange for his life, Luthor gives Roy a cybernetic arm to replace the one he lost. Green Arrow and Red Arrow arrive too late to avert the battle, and are informed by a satisfied Roy that he wants to go by the name Arsenal from now on. Elsewhere, Rocket hosts a bridal shower which is interrupted by Captain Cold. Cheshire swears revenge on Aqualad for killing Artemis while Sportsmaster swears revenge on Black Manta for killing her without his permission. Superboy finds himself with only Wendy Harris for company on his birthday. Impulse befriends Blue Beetle.

March 20, Year 09 (2016) -

March 20, Year 09 (2016) -

March 23, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 35: DarkestEdit

Aqualad, Tigress (a disguised Artemis), Icicle Jr., and the Terror Twins are sent by Black Manta to capture Blue Beetle for the Partner, but they are thwarted due to Impulse's interference. However, Kaldur's tracking device (stolen by Impulse during the fight) remotely deactivates all security at the Cave, and Aqualad's team launches another attack. They capture Beast Boy, Blue Beetle and Impulse and escape, before Aqualad orders Tigress to detonate a bomb (which resembled the same one that blew up Malina Island) which obliterates Mount Justice. Having left Karen Beecher and Ray Palmer at the university lab, Mal Duncan returns just in time to rescue an unconscious Nightwing and Superboy.

March 23, Year 09 (2016) -

March 23, Year 09 (2016) -

March 24, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 35: DarkestEdit

Wally West confronts Nightwing at the Hall of Justice about what happened and reveals his fears that Aqualad might be a triple agent. Elsewhere, Black Manta inducts Kaldur into the Light as a reward for his success as Ra's al Ghul states that it is time that he met their Partner.

March, Year 09 (2016) -

Marc, Year 09 (2016) -

March 30, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 36: Before the DawnEdit

Nightwing leads the Team on a mission to rescue its members from The Light's Partner: an alien race known as the Reach. Aqualad (now affiliated with the Light) learns that teenagers have been abducted in order to test a human's ability to develop meta-human powers. He deduces that the Reach are trying to weaponize these powers and the aliens do not reject his claim. While in containment, Blue Beetle overhears his captors' intentions to remove his scarab at the cost of his life. Impulse eventually frees Blue Beetle revealing that in the future, a Blue Beetle has taken over the Earth and enslaved mankind. Miss Martian encounters Aqualad for the first time since Artemis' death and in a rage, telepathically attacks him leading her to discover the truth about Aqualad and Artemis as double agents. This leaves her in shock and Aqualad in an apparently catatonic state. The Team battles face-to-face with an agent of the Reach called Black Beetle who savagely beats them until Blue Beetle intervenes. Once everyone has been rescued, the Team makes their retreat.

March 30, Year 09 (2016) -

March 30, Year 09 (2016) -

March 31, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 36: Before the DawnEdit

The Reach has reached out to the United Nations and is embraced by the public much to the irritation of Nightwing and the Justice League. G. Gordon Godfrey comments on this stating that they "used the front door" unlike the alien members of the Justice League. Elsewhere, a large fleet of ships belonging to The Reach lie in wait on the ocean floor.

March 31, Year 09 (2016) -

March 31, Year 09 (2016) -

April 1, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 37: CorneredEdit

Despero sets his sights on Earth's champions, attacking the Hall of Justice while the members of the Team who used to live at the Cave are at the Hall to remove their belongings. Mal becomes the new Guardian to help in the battle. Elsewhere, Captain Atom attends a private meeting with the Reach ambassador and Black Canary interviews the Team members and teenagers abducted by the Reach with some of the teenagers consisting of Tye Longshadow and Virgil Hawkins.

April 1, Year 09 (2016) -

April 1, Year 09 (2016) -

April 2, Year 09 (2016) - ep. 37: CorneredEdit

The Reach ambassador uses his technology to remove the dome Despero had created around the Hall, but exposes the existence of the Watchtower to the public which G. Gordon Godfrey uses as ammunition against the Justice League on his show. M'gann decides to take up residence at J'onn's apartment, where Conner confronts her about her strange behaviour during the battle. Meanwhile, Black Canary shares her deductions about the Reach with her teammates. Against the wishes of Impulse and the Scarab, Jaime informs the League about his role in the Reach Apocalypse of Bart's time and asks that they find a way to get the Scarab off him.

April 1, Year 09 (2016) -

April 1, Year 09 (2016) -

September, Year 09 (2016) - Huldrekall decides to quit being a superhero and goes back to Norway.

Year 10 (2017)Edit

April, Year 10 (2017) - Catalyst starts to consider becoming an Angelike like his brother Tabris. He doesn't go through with it.

November, Year 10 (2017) - Michael finds out that Lucifer is Luciel.

Year 10 (2017) -

Year 10 (2017) -

Year 11 (2018)Edit

March, Year 11 (2018) - Lucifer kills Sangre. Sanguine and Perun go looking for Sangre's murderer

May, Year 11 (2018) - Aria tells Perun and Sanguine where Lucifer has been hiding. Sanguine had promised Beat that she would never kill again, so she dumps the job on Perun because she knows he used to be a soldier.

June, Year 11 (2018) - Lucifer finds out he's screwed and goes on the run.

Year 11 (2018) - Rammey is absorbed by Arkos and Coman kills Arkos in return

Year 11 (2018) -

Year 12 (2019)Edit

March, Year 12 (2019) - A mountain near the Valley of Ashes turns out to be an active volcano. Penumbra realizes it's too dangerous to live on the ground and moves her entire city to the sky.

Year 12 (2019) - Coman kills Wil after torturing him for information on the whereabouts of Altaire

October, Year 12 (2019) - Perun finds Lucifer and shoots him in the head, killing him for real.

Year 12 (2019) -

Year 13 (2020)Edit

Year 13 (2020) - Coman is reported dead

Year 13 (2020) - Ezra earns the trust of Ra's Al Ghul and procures a deal to get serums of Lazarus water to prolong his life

Year 13 (2020) - Altaire returns to Gotham and reunites with Ezra

Year 13 (2020) -


Year 14 (2021)Edit

Year 14 (2021) -

Year 14 (2021) -

Year 15 (2022)Edit

Year 15 (2022) -

Year 15 (2022) -

Year 49 (2056)'Edit

February 28, Year 49 (2056) - Post-apocalyptic future remains unchanged.

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