SGPA Genderbend CompetitionEdit


  • OPEN TO ALL SGPA MEMBERS THAT HAVE AN ACTIVE CHARACTER (you updated to a new profile!).
  • Draw the original character interacting with their genderbent version. The entry must include both characters!
  • Genderbend = make a male version of your female character, a female version of your male character. If your character is androgynous (hard to tell if they are male of female), make their genderbent version OBVIOUSLY male or female.
  • 1 entry PER CHARACTER. If you have 5 characters, make a SEPARATE entry for each.
  • Image should be in color!
  • Have some kind of background or scenery in the image.
  • The artwork should be all new for the contest; please don't reuse old art for this!
  • If you must use a doll base, change ALL THE FACIAL FEATURES (eyes, eyebrow, nose, & mouth shapes!). A link to the base used should be provided in the description, of course! All original artwork is encouraged! Try your best, everyone!
  • Include your character's name, what they are (hero, villain, or NPC), and a link to the SGPA group.


  • Voting will take place after the deadline. Depending on the number of entries, we will decide on how voting proceeds.
  • Depending on the number of prizes contributed, there may also be runner-up prizes in each category! Let us know if you can contribute a prize! If you are a prize contributor, you can still enter the contest! (Only founder and co-founders can't. lol)
  • Prize pool so far: [1]x4 ; [2] x2 ; [3] x2 ; [4] x2 ; [5] x1 ; [6] x1 ; [7] x1 ; [8] x1 ; [9] 1 month premium membership
  • Submit entries to the GENDERBEND 2012 folder!
  • Deadline: July 15 @ 11:59pm EST!

SGPA ChatroomEdit

Everyone can set up times and dates they want to get together to chat. Socialize your hearts out, everyone! You can find the chatroom here, and here is a list of helpful commands that can be used in the chatroom!

SGPA WikiEdit

It's still new and shiny and we want to fill it with all the info that wouldn't fit in here! Plus, it'll make searching for obscure things you forgot easier!

Previous Month's NewsEdit

[ In case you missed all the previous announcements for May!]

Birthdays in June!Edit

If you have a birthday coming up in June, let us know so we can put you here and maybe people will be extra nice and give you gifts and shoutouts. xD [10] - June 12; [11] - June 18; [12] - June 20

UPCOMING IN JULY & AUGUST: Story Arc bridge for the Lost Years!Edit

Let's build a nice story arc that will link the end of Year 03 to the end of Year 08 (Young Justice Season 2 starts in Year 09 ).

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