Shadow Leaper
Shadow Leaper Profile
Vital Statistics
Team # - Team Title Team 013
Real Name Jaime Gillam
Nicknames Bitch, Strange Kat, Jay
Age 14
Gender Female
Current Residence Rosewood, Queensland, Australia

SL civvies

A little tubby with slight hourglass figure

General PersonalityEdit

Generally crazy I mean she's psychotic unfriendly to most but loyal to the couple of friends she has. She refuses to learn anything she can't see herself needing ie. English, SOSE, Religion but loves to learn history and politics can answer pretty much any question you have about star wars or the Australia government system.

Good Traits: Loyal, Friendly if she doesn't realize immediately that you’re an idiot
Bad Traits: Angry, Threatens people a lot, once stabbed a girl with a pen cause she wouldn't stop talking to her.
Quirks: Picks nose, bites nails, When she's had to much sugar she'll randomly start doing Monty Python sketches, always singing, has a list of people she wants to kill.


To get through her high school years without killing anyone


Rivers, other peoples germs, spiders, snakes, human contact from people who aren't part of her immediate family, creatures that have taken up residence in her pool

Memorable Quote(s)Edit

  • "I'm Swedish Irish!" (When people question her ever changing accent)
  • "Well no shit Sherlock!"
  • "Ass-clown!"
  • "Ass-hat!"
  • "Dick-weed!"
  • Singing "Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam Spam"


Mother: Mrs. Gillam (alive)
Father: Mr. Gillam (alive)
Sibling(s): Brothers Alex and Kristofer (alive... for now)


Team 13

Zeke, Burn, considers her brothers friends (or at least she likes them better than other people)


Most of her Classmates all of her teachers pretty much anyone she isn't obligated to love by blood connection.

Love InterestEdit

At the moment Jamie is looking for a guy she can be around for 2 seconds without wanting to kill

Past: None
Current: None

Powers & SkillsEdit

Jamie is a fighter that mainly relies on her weapons, she uses teleportation to dodge and runaway


PROS: Can go anywhere she wants

CONS: Doesn't always go to the right place


Two .357 Magnums, occasionally a knife.

Other EquipmentEdit

Hero / Protagonist

Fighting StyleEdit

long rang dodges most attacks by teleporting


Can teleport to dodge attacks has a good defence.


Can't really fight all that well and apart from teleporting is human.

Jamie grew up with her 2 brothers and mum and dad until Zeke started attending her school. Jamie became very suspicious of Zeke and started following her she soon discovered that Zeke was Xile and told Zeke about her own power. She said she wanted to help people and Zeke recommended that she join the SGPA despite the fact Jamie is completely unable to work in a team.

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