Sugar Space Bunny
Sugar Space Bunny Profile.jpg
Vital Statistics
Team # - Team Title 001 - The Founders
Real Name T.K.
Nicknames T
Age 17
Gender Female
Current Residence Canada

SSB in custom-made headphones!


General Personality[]

Quiet and cautious to newcomers. Openly friendly to close relations. Loyal to those deserving.

Good Traits: Loves to feed others deliciousness
Bad Traits: Obsessive compulsive. Worry Wart. Short attention span to things that do not interest.
Quirks: Can't stop eating deliciousness or cuddling animals or making stupid faces.


To eat more delicious and to live a good life.


Losing close ones, hates power cables, spiders, most bugs, slime, mold, small spaces.

Memorable Quote(s)[]

That's not the point!




Solar Cat, The Dark Lord.


That could be easily arranged...

Love Interest[]

Is flirtatious but does not like anyone.

Past: Unknown
Current: Unknown

Powers & Skills[]

weak psychokinesis & flight that does not work all of the time due to fear of heights and things in the way >_>; Also carries hallucination dust in a pouch since she is not yet able to produce it herself on site.

Flight - obvious with what it does XD PROS: useful in getting to things that would be hard or getting out of the way of things CONS: fear keeps her at bay! She would do a lot better in an instance away from the city and all of the scary electricity things!

Psychokinesis - moving of objects PROS: Does not need to use actual physical strength to move things CONS: requires concentration and a nice chunk of inner courage which can be swayed

Hallucination Dust - makes targets hallucinate as if they are in a dream PROS: Distracts enemies and can easily be thrown at them without needing for them to breathe it in CONS: Has to be carried in a pouch since SSB cannot yet produce it on site



Other Equipment[]

Fighting Style[]

Evasive & slow unless extremely provoked.. then it just gets erratic and a bit suicidal LOL


Loyalty brings on all sorts of strength!


Having close ones used as bait by enemies.

Happened to be around with Solar Cat when Dysta was found.