Sugar Space Bunny
Sugar Space Bunny Profile
Vital Statistics
Team # - Team Title 001 - The Founders
Real Name T.K.
Nicknames T
Age 17
Gender Female
Current Residence Canada

Ssb civ

SSB in custom-made headphones!


General PersonalityEdit

Quiet and cautious to newcomers. Openly friendly to close relations. Loyal to those deserving.

Good Traits: Loves to feed others deliciousness
Bad Traits: Obsessive compulsive. Worry Wart. Short attention span to things that do not interest.
Quirks: Can't stop eating deliciousness or cuddling animals or making stupid faces.


To eat more delicious and to live a good life.


Losing close ones, hates power cables, spiders, most bugs, slime, mold, small spaces.

Memorable Quote(s)Edit

That's not the point!




Solar Cat, The Dark Lord.


That could be easily arranged...

Love InterestEdit

Is flirtatious but does not like anyone.

Past: Unknown
Current: Unknown

Powers & SkillsEdit

weak psychokinesis & flight that does not work all of the time due to fear of heights and things in the way >_>; Also carries hallucination dust in a pouch since she is not yet able to produce it herself on site.

Flight - obvious with what it does XD PROS: useful in getting to things that would be hard or getting out of the way of things CONS: fear keeps her at bay! She would do a lot better in an instance away from the city and all of the scary electricity things!

Psychokinesis - moving of objects PROS: Does not need to use actual physical strength to move things CONS: requires concentration and a nice chunk of inner courage which can be swayed

Hallucination Dust - makes targets hallucinate as if they are in a dream PROS: Distracts enemies and can easily be thrown at them without needing for them to breathe it in CONS: Has to be carried in a pouch since SSB cannot yet produce it on site



Other EquipmentEdit

Fighting StyleEdit

Evasive & slow unless extremely provoked.. then it just gets erratic and a bit suicidal LOL


Loyalty brings on all sorts of strength!


Having close ones used as bait by enemies.

Happened to be around with Solar Cat when Dysta was found.

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