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Hey all you SGPAers out there! If you haven't already been notified through your deviantWATCH, I've started a huge collab for the members of the SGPA to take part in on DeviantArt.

It's gonna be dedicated to our hardworking founder Meibatsu, and of course the Co-founders as well. Isn't it time we give back?

In the weeks leading up to April, we are going to try and get as many spaces reserved and filled in the collab, to celebrate our undying love for the SGPA when it turns 1 year old.

If you would like to take part, please note that the theme is Formal Attire (that's fancy clothing to some of you) in SGPA colors; blue and white. You CAN genderbend, and you may want to, because quite a few of the characters are guys. Also, you can put forward more than one character, and even YOURSELF to be apart of the collab.

Please spread the word and notify people of this project~

Time to get editing~! Here is the link:

Thanks guys!

XXNightHunterXx 15:21, March 3, 2012 (UTC)

Isi and Night