If you're new to the Super Galaxy Princess Alliance group and feeling a little lost on what you should do, here is a consolidated list of suggestions!

  1. Create a text character profile (check out Powers if you need help brainstorming superpowers)
  2. Create an image character profile (character profile images should be created in Photoshop only; if you need assistance, just ask the Template Wizards for help!)
  3. Fill out the SGPA meme
  4. Draw some art for your character; get to know him/her (if you're ambitious, go for some comics!)
  5. Participate in SGPA contests, projects, and collaborations
  6. Create a character page on the Wiki
  7. Rinse and repeat any steps as desired!
  8. HAVE FUN!

And of course, we highly encourage you to interact with fellow members at SGPA's deviantART group!

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