It’ only been maybe half an hour since I discovered that the SGPA now had a Wikia and I’m already having flashbacks to the horrid time that I went through on the Hetalia Wikia.

I was having the same issues. :< It’s all user-error or maybe my internet connection: the page kept freezing on me and then I had to reinput all of the information. It was the nightmare of the Hetaliamove ALL. OVER. AGAIN.

HOWEVER. I just finished putting up her page! I’m so excited! Now that’s left is . . . everything. Kara and I need to go through it and pick out bits and pieces that need to be added or taken out or moved around.

Then, I need to finalize the designs for the Aunts and some other things.


We’ve recently complied a list of everyone in Angel’s ‘World’ as we call it. There is now a total of 8 people not including Angel herself! How crazy is that?

Lits of Things Were has to Do:

Finalize the Designs for:


Debbie/Ebony Fist

Detective Allen

Raoul Desjardins

Ethan Calaway/Dark Diviner

Draw some fanart of Angel and stuff


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